OJSC " Tambovgalvanotechnika "

Company is engaged in designing, manufacturing, installing, commissioning and servicing anti- metal corrosion equipment of any complexity.

OJSC " Tambovgalvanotechnika " has 84 certificates of invention, numerous patents and certificates for electroplating equipment industrial designs.

  • products are designed , manufactured and delivered to meet customer’s goals.
  • company supplies separate units of galvanic equipment for: repairs, restoration and modernisation (filter systems , chemical resistant pumps , air filters, power supply devices) .
  • High-performance brightening agents and special additives for electroplating processes can be applied.
  • Wide range of polymeric materials and metals (polypropylene, polyethylene , Teflon , PVC , stainless steel and alloys, titanium , copper, and others) can be applied as well.

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